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Colonized by bugs, errors and glitches.

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Shadow-Sniper-Haz said...
  • frustrated
On the face of it Empire Total War at £10 was a good deal worth picking up.Compared with its usual steam price of £29.99.

How wrong I was!!! The game is awful. In terms of gameplay its great. But it is full of problems that I doubt will ever be fixed considering its a long term problem and the latest patch brought what was not needed an AI fix over fixes for these problems

Half the time coming back from battle your graphics have entirely disappeared. Sea battles half the time also don't have any graphics. Now I am assured that the problems are to be found primarily on NVIDIA cards well done that's half the market killed off right there.

Overall save your money get Medieval Total War II at least that works. And don't expect hope with Napoleon Total War. Its running pretty much on the same engine.

How can we run an imperial conquest on these terms General, Sir?
Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 03/MAR/09
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